What is a herniated disc? A herniated disc can occur when the soft rubber pad that supports the spinal disc slips out of place. Sometimes the disc can press up against a nerve, which can lead to even more excruciating pain. A herniated disc in the lower back can be very common and can be very painful. Some can go unnoticed and have no symptoms, while others can be very excruciating.

Disc injury can occur in any part of the spine, including the neck and upper back, but a herniated disc in the lower back can become the most painful. A disc can herniate by moving the wrong way or lifting an object improperly. Car accidents or simply getting older can also cause a disc to herniate. As mentation before, it’s unbearable but is treatable; finding a chiropractor can help relieve the pain from a herniated disc.

How long does a herniated disc to heal without surgery? 

The good news is most herniated discs can be treated without surgery. When searching for how long does a herniated disc to heal without surgery, the average answer is up to eight weeks. Getting with a chiropractor and going over a treatment plan, and following the program will help heal the disc. When using the chiropractor, they will show self-treatment exercises to help improve the range of motion for your back.

The McKenzie method has been taught to help stretch the back and help relieve the pain. Some chiropractors will use spinal traction using specialized tables or spinal manipulation to help ease the pain of a herniated disc in the lower back.

Why go to a chiropractor?

Using a chiropractor is a very safe way to help treat your pain without relying on pain meds to mask the discomfort. Chiropractic is a preferred treatment method for many patients with bulging and herniated discs because it is non-invasive and does not use medications or injections. Chiropractic treats the misalignment and the actual herniated disc. Therefore, treating the root of the problem in a natural, risk-free way.

If you are lucky enough to find a chiropractor who has an X-ray machine in their office, they can better picture what is going on. They can get a look at the whole spine, not just the painful area. Treating the entire spine, exercising, and proper nutrition can help relieve the pain of a herniated disc in the lower back.

Disc injury chiropractor Tampa

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