The Exercises

Our rehabilitation room sets us apart from other offices and compliments the improvement of health. With our top-of-the-line chiropractic equipment and machines, our exercises help relax the spine to allow for a more effective chiropractic adjustment.

Pre and Post-Adjustment Exercises

The pre-core machine stretches the lower back and prepares for exercises of the spine. Pre-adjustment exercises warm up and relax the spine for a better adjustment. The vibration plates work on strengthening the whole body while the neck tractions restore and achieve a neutral spine position. Post-adjustment exercises facilitate and hold chiropractic adjustment for a longer period.

Wobble Exercises

Three exercises help strengthen and align your spine before and after adjustments.

Reverse Traction

Helps restore motion and promotes proper curvature of the cervical spine.

Vibration Plate

Uses proprioception and positive biofeedback to help improve the position of the spine.

Home Exercises

Furthermore, home care exercises improve the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and help reduce the chance of degenerative arthritis. Dr. Michael Sosa explains how to do many of these home care exercises below.

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Pelvic Rotation Blocking

Anterior L-5 Blocking

Progressive Rolls

Thoracic Stretch

Standing Cervical Traction

PSOAS Stretch