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Dr. Michael Sosa

Chiropractor Westchase FL Michael SosaDr. Michael Sosa is a 1991 graduate from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. He has been passionately serving the Tampa Bay Area since 1993. Dr. Sosa and his wife Jeanette have been blessed with 3 girls who have been under chiropractic care since birth. Dr. Sosa was first introduced to chiropractic after a sports injury in college. He became interested in health and the awesome wisdom God has put in each and every person to heal.

Dr. Sosa has extensive training and advanced certifications in neurology, whiplash traumatology, advanced spinal correction and nutrition. His passion for serving is leading him to change the way health is viewed and delivered as a Partner of Maximized Living. He is a passionate sought out speaker who has been featured on News Channel 8 Health with Gayle Guyardo, talk radio shows, and is a guest speaker at schools, churches and other public arenas teaching how chiropractors adjust to remove nerve interference so God can Heal.

Dr. Sosa also serves as a Corporate Wellness coach and brings the teachings of stress management, ergonomics and work/life balance into a wide variety of businesses and organizations such as the YMCA, Nielsen, Harborside Church, Grace Family Church, The Learning Center, Great Start Church, Morning Star Church, Citrus Park Christian School, The Goddard School, Kids r Kids, and Northbay Christian Academy.

Dr. Sosa's practice consists of newborns to his oldest patient of 98 years old. He uses x-ray, chiropractic adjustment, rehabilitation, thermograph, and spinal decompression to achieve optimal health.

He and his staff are ready to serve all who enter the office.

Dr. Sosa's professional affiliations include the following:

Dr. Patty Cosmelli

Chiropractor Westchase FL Patty CosmelliDr. Patty Cosmelli is a 1993 graduate of Life University and has been in private practice since 1995 in Tampa, Florida.

Dr. Cosmelli is not only committed to chiropractic, but also to a holistic perspective when it comes to optimum health. Her approach to health includes the synergistic relationship between body, mind, and lifestyle.

Dr. Cosmelli has published several articles featured in the Chiropractic Journal, which highlight her passion for creating leadership amongst women in the chiropractic profession. She is currently working on her first book and anticipates the publishing and release at a later date.

She is the Co-Founder of an all woman's chiropractic organization and held the position of Co-President for The League of Chiropractic Women.

Dr. Cosmelli is frequently sought after as a speaker for several chiropractic venues as an inspirational lecturer especially to women who need guidance and reassurance. Her leadership has been noted not only professionally but also on a personal level.

Dr. Cosmelli has continued to focus on the care of children including special needs children and expecting moms.

She has taken extensive training in the understanding and care of pediatric patients with results that are notable and positive.

Dr. Slye Cheramie

Chiropractor Tampa FL Slye CheramieDr. Slye Cheramie is from Golden Meadow,  Louisiana. He went to South Lafourche High school where he was a member of the football and track team. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and later his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, which he attended with his wife Sabrina- who is also a Chiropractor and fun fact....Dr. Sosa’s oldest daughter.

While Dr. Slye is learned in all phases of Chiropractic Care, he does specialize in treating sports injuries. He has earned extra certifications in Physiotherapy, IASTM, Active Release, cupping, and KT Taping.

Dr. Slye is the father of two dogs, and is also an avid reader and lover of all things nerdy. He is involved in community wellness and a new young face in Westchase! Don’t be surprised if you see him around town.

Business Manager Jeanette Sosa

Chiropractic Westchase FL JeanetteMy passion for Chiropractic started when my husband, Dr. Michael Sosa, and I moved to Georgia and he attended Life Chiropractic University in 1988. The truth and principle of Chiropractic is our way of life. God put a perfect healing system in our bodies called our Nervous System and as long as there is no interference we can express our God given talents and potential to live His amazing journey. Michael and I are blessed to have 3 amazing girls born at home with a midwife. Our girls nervous system were checked within minutes of birth and have been brought up with God’s amazing principle of Above, Down, Inside, Out. Our daughters born in 1991, 1993, and 1999 have all worked in the family practice and all express desires to continue in preventive healthcare. We look forward to the day a second generation of Sosa chiropractors are serving our community. I love seeing our patients become proactive in their healthcare. Their trust in God’s amazing healing ability shines through when they bring in their kids to get adjusted and see symptoms disappear. Eyes are opened to a healthier lifestyle including adjustments, clean eating, removing toxins, and exercising. We have been serving and loving our Tampa Bay community since 1991 and are amazed by the blessings we receive from our families. Come meet our amazing staff who share in our passion for chiropractic and bring joy to me with their serving hearts.

Chiropractic Assistant / X-Ray Technician Leslie Martinez

Chiropractic Westchase FL Leslie

Leslie Martinez was born in Ecuador, spent her childhood in Paris, France.She has a Basic X-ray Technician with Medical Office Procedures Diploma from UMA along with a certification as a Phlebotomy technician and a sales diploma from France. She started as an intern in January 2016, and began working for Westchase Chiropractic a month later as the X-ray Tech of the office. She is also responsible for teaching patients their exercises, takes care of patients who need a decompression treatment and does an exam called the Thermal Scan. She hopes to grow, succeed at Westchase Chiropractic, get better everyday, obtaining more experience, progressing as a worker but also as a person.

Chiropractic Assistant/ Newsletter Editor Hailey Escobar

Chiropractic Westchase FL Hailey

Hailey is very familiar with the Westchase area, having grown up in the area her whole life. In fact, she was one of the first students to go to Westchase Elementary and Bryant Elementary. She graduated from Eckerd College in 2015 with a BA in Interdisciplinary Arts focusing on Creative Writing and Film Studies.With her love of learning new things, she jumped at the chance of working at Westchase Chiropractic to learn more about health and wellness. She has begun applying the journalistic skills she cultivated in college to the Westchase Chiropractic newsletters so patients may learn more about their health. She also possesses a wealth of knowledge about tea from her 3 years working at Teavana. Hailey’s greatest passion is to continue to expand her knowledge of the world, tell amazing stories and help people grow to their fullest potential mind, body and soul.

Chiropractic Assistant Ninoska Fraley

Chiropractic Tampa FL Ninoska Fraley Chiropractic AssistantNinoska has been working at Westchase Chiropractic and Wellness since December 2018. She began as a patient at the office after experiencing neck pain, headaches, and numbness and tingling in her arm. She started feeling the benefits of chiropractic care and loved coming to the office. It was perfect timing as she began looking for a part time job and Westchase Chiropractic was looking for a chiropractic assistant. Nino was the perfect fit for the office as she brings us all laughter and joy.

She loves to dance and spend time with her husband and German Shepherd rescue. She hopes to eventually go back to school to become a dental hygienist due to her passion for making people smile. She believes that a person’s smile is a reflection of a person’s soul and loves helping people feel more confident.


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