Therasage relieves back, arm and leg pain using a natural jade. In addition, the many benefits of therasage include relieving muscular pain and stress. It can also help increase your flexibility, boost your metabolism, and improve your circulation.

This therapy uses infrared heat. As a form of light energy, infrared heat heats the body without heating the air surrounding it. Instead, its rays can enter the skin by passing up to three inches of tissue.

Therasage Relieves Pain

One of the top benefits of therasage consists of its ability to relieve back, arm and leg pain. Infrared heat stimulates vasodilation. This means that your blood vessels start to dilate. Once dilated, your blood pressure decreases.

With decreased blood pressure, oxygen can flow more freely, reaching much of the body. The increased oxygen flow can heal extremities and strains, thus relieving back, arm and leg pain. Furthermore, it can speed up the time it takes to recover from injury due to the increased blood flow.

Infrared Heat Reduces Stress

Decreased blood pressure helps the body relax more quickly. In addition to blood flow, the heat caused by infrared light causes muscles to relax as well. The warmth loosens muscles and soothes nerves. By restoring your muscles and nerves, therasage therapy helps you feel rejuvenated and less stressed

Infrared Improves Circulation

As we mentioned, infrared heat stimulates the blood vessels allowing them to open. In addition, blood cells absorb infrared heat. This causes blood invigoration. Once your blood becomes invigorated, it improves blood flow and thus circulation.

Circulation impacts your metabolism. For your metabolism to work efficiently, it depends on blood flow. With adequate respiration and increased circulation, you can improve your metabolism.

healthy people running from therasage with good circulation

Therasage Removes Toxins

You can detox your body using many different methods. Moreover, you can start by using the benefits of therasage.

We’re sure you’ve heard a thousand different tips on how to detox. Between cleanses, pills, and fad diets, finding a method that works for you may seem impossible. However, therasage can also help with detox in addition to relieving arm and leg pain.

Toxins and other harmful substances impair circulation. These foreign chemicals thus block cellular energy from occurring, leading to a plethora of different issues such as the following:

  • Limited healing
  • Poor metabolic rate
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Poor immune system
  • & more

Once therasage therapy uses its infrared heat, water molecules break down toxic gases. This causes them to be released.

detoxed woman who used therasage doing yoga

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